Geo Bucket

Geo Bucket is an universal iPhone and iPad application for Geocaching.
Application shows Geocaches in map for easy locating of caches.
The caches can be downloaded to application via Pocket Queries from the geocaching.comweb site, or you can use the Geocaching Live functionality to get caches directly from the

For more detailed information check the GeoBucket help pdf.

Geo Bucket is available in Apple app store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Heia Tracker

Heia Tracker is an iOs client for Heia Heia web site. With Heia Tracker, you can easily record your exercises and send those to heia heia server.

Heia Tracker has all the same sports available as the web site, currently over 350 different sports listed.

Heia Tracker is available in Apple app store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Tieinfo is a road traffic monitoring application for Finland. The application consists of a tieinfo server part, which has its own page at and an universal iOs client, which is available in App store.

The application was made for the apps4finlad competetition, where the server was in top 5 of its own category.

The server is mainly coded and maintained by Petri Tuomaala and the client side is made by me.

Tieinfo is available in Apple app store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


PuzSpin revolutionizes jigsaw puzzle in iPad. The application is designed in co-operation with Flouston.

PuzSpin is created together with kids for the kids, so it really is excellent entertaiment for all kids in age range 1 - 12. And it is also fun to play competition mode at office in coffee breaks.

More information about PuzSpin can be found from Flouston website.

PuzSpin is available in Apple app store for iPad.


Treesure Game is a GPS based adventure game which is designed to give families something to do together outside. It makes daily trips to daycare and grocery market feel like adventure. More information about the application can be found from Treesure website.

TreesureGame is available in Apple app store for iPhone and iPad.

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